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lemm plastik


We manufacture by international standards.




Plastic; means “easily shapeable” in Greek, and every material in our life and culture is replaced by it. Plastics take various forms and thus, provide design solutions for thousands of applications. Lemn Plastik creates industrial solutions, at the point where plastic, the symbol of fast and practical lifestyle meets packing. Plastic packing materials manufactured at our high technology facilities to suit your products are more advantageous in comparison to other packing solutions.



Plastic Packing is light in weight and cost. Time, labor cost, and area use are saved due to its advantages in carrying, stowing and storing.

Protective and Safe

It is solid, resistant, and impact-resistant, and will not break during transportation; safer for products. No second packing is required.

Enhanced Brand Name Presentation and Recognition

It is effective on purchasing decisions due to the printing techniques creating a better product display, and visibility on shelf.


Plastic materials can be reused over and over. Plastics are easily recycled at the end of their useful lives.


It is easy and practical to use. Packing and unpacking products require an extremely simple process.
Unbreakable and highly flexible; will not loose strength at cold temperatures down to -50ºC.